• JJF Dynamic has always been at the heart of the thin wall high speed tooling industry.
Using the latest technology, we will bring you Dependable and Quality tooling backed by our 60 plus man years of engi- neering experience serving this demanding industry.

• From single cavity prototypes to multi-cavity stack molds, JJF Dynamic is your one stop source for all your tooling needs. Inquire to find out more about our Hot Runner Repair/Replacement or Mold Refurbishment Programs.

• Whether it's simply a concept to be brought to fruition or the rebuilding of existing tooling JJF Dynamic will work with you and involve you in each stage to ensure 100% satisfaction on all your goals.

• JJF Dynamic understands the demanding needs of the industry we serve. By monitoring and communicating at each stage of the project we can ensure your project will be delivered on time all the time. This has never been more apparent when it comes to refurbishments.

• Friendly Sales and Engineering staff are on hand to provide you Top Quality Service and assistance in choosing the correct path for your project. On site service at your facility is always available when needed.